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I'm a dreamer and visualizer.
There's nothing I love more than to get lost in a great movie or to slowly drift away to my favorite soundtrack (currently"Guantanamera" by Guitarricadelafuente - which probably will have changed by the time you read this). 

As a multicultural soul, being half Norwegian/half German-Croatian, I've always had a soft spot for languages, foreign cultures and traveling. A childhood dream of mine became true when I moved abroad to France in 2018 to study French. I had packed my grandfather's analogue camera with me and some Kodak film rolls, but little did I know that I would return home10 months later fully inspired to pursue photography. Whilst in France, I quickly fell in love with documenting people and the places around me. I used to walk the streets of cities and tiny villages in Normandy with my sunflower camera strap hanging over my shoulder, looking for those everyday stories to capture - the ones that made me feel something - like an old couple holding hands at the market or a father and daughter admiring the city view together in peaceful silence. Ever since I was a little girl, I've searched for those intimate and honest moments of love and human connection.

Of my 20-and-something trips around the sun, I've experienced front row how beautiful and fragile this life is. Having lost my mum to cancer,  there's nothing I would want more than to have one more single day with her. As a child and teenager there were times when I got annoyed at her for constantly wanting to take pictures (she was also an enthusiastic photographer), but now I'm only grateful. I know how important it is to take nothing for granted and treasure every moment God gives us on this earth. That's why photography is so much more to me than just pretty pictures. Although I absolutely LOVE the artistic and aesthetic sides of photography, I know how much more meaning and worth a picture holds. The photographs of my mum are my most dearests possessions. In the end, it's the memories and the photographs that remain. 

Not just a photographer,
a visual storyteller, a friend.

a little about me

based in Oslo, norway

my name is Victoria

There's something about those cliché, romantic, classic movies that gets me every time. When I'm not re-watching "Roman Holiday" for the millionth time, I'm probably watching a drama or binge-watching the latest Spanish or French Netflix-series. Faut qu'on pratique les langues, quoi!

I'm not that kind of girl who goes voluntarily jogging (only if I'm late for the bus, which can happen quite often if I'm being honest), but if you ask me to dance - ohh you bet I will! I LOOOOVE to dance! Whether it's by myself in my bedroom, out on the town with friends or with a random stranger on the streets - dancing has always been a source of blissful joy and freedom for me. Count on me for some awesome dance moves at your wedding party!

I like to call myself an outgoing introvert. I love meeting and getting to know new people, but my heart and mind is fully recharged after a day spent in the garden (or by the ocean). I love being surrounded by flowers and plants, getting my hands dirty with soil, planting seeds, re-pottering and watching how new life appears in spring. It's like my personal never-ending source of peace and hope. What's my all-time favorite flower you ask!? Sunflowers!

I'm a huge sucker for those old nostalgic (b&w) movies! ("Roman holiday", anyone??)

my favorite things

My photography is first and foremost inspired by that which makes me feel.

I get inspired by movies. The ones that stir something in me, that make me cry or laugh, or leave me speechless in complete wonder. Music is no exception. Having grown up in a musical family, music was like an extra language (on top of all the other ones) which we spoke at home. My little brother would often improvise on the piano and we would afterwards share the stories that had emerged in our minds while he played. Music has therefore become a natural part of my photography. I love to play music when I shoot, not only for my own inspiration but also to make you comfortable and help you relax in front of the camera. I also incorporate music in my slideshows as I believe that it has the ability to evoke powerful emotions. 

I've always been drawn to old, nostalgic things. Just the fact that I started out with a film camera has influenced both the way I shoot and how I edit my photos. I love the imperfect shots, the grain and a little blur once in a while. As a creative, I also draw lots of inspiration from other artists, poets, movie directors and painters. Some of my favorites are Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Wes Anderson, Rupi Kaur and Robert Doisneau. 

That’s a little sneak peek into my life, my inspirations and a few of my favourite things. No matter who and where we are, we’re all souls wandering this beautiful earth, with a different story to share. No tale is one and the same. And that’s why I LOVE documenting love stories (and hopefully yours)


What inspires me


Victoria is literally one of the most talented photographers I've ever met! She took so many candid photos, and the pictures came out amazing! I really can't wait to see that our paths cross ever again!! Much love & respect! My husband and I are extremely satisfied!! The photos speak for themselves. No more comment is needed. Much love from Italy! 

Henriette & sivert

"When I found Victoria's site online, I completely fell in love with her photos. It was storytelling from start to finish. During the photo coverage of me and my husband's wedding, we had such an incredibly nice experience. The pictures afterwards were utterly stunning! Thank you very much, Victoria! We highly recommend her!"


“We had wonderful Victoria as our photographer for our destination wedding in Italy. She was brilliant from start to finish, and we could not have chosen a better person for this task. She was full of ideas and made us feel comfortable and absolutely stunning throughout the entire day. Her pictures are simply a beautiful collection of artwork. They tell our story so elegantly.”

aino & ragnar

"We chose Victoria as our wedding photographer and could not have been happier with our choice. Victoria was easy to work with all the way, easy to communicate with, quick to reply to emails, and has such a wonderful, kind, creative and friendly spirit. She listened carefully to our wishes and ideas and managed to comine them with her own personal photography style flawlessly. We are super happy with the amazing memories and moments she managed to catch on film."

maria & hågen

Vi kan virkelig anbefale Victoria som fotograf! Bildene hennes er helt magiske. Hun er et vennlig vesen med mye kreativitet, det var derfor enkelt å senke skuldrene og få en fin opplevelse. Prosessen har vært profesjonell og ryddig- dette er en jente som er dyktig i det hun gjør og som leverer noe helt spesielt!

emilie & fabian

From the bottom of our hearts we would like to recommend Victoria to anyone getting married! Her photos turn out breathtaking. She has a special gift at capturing raw emotion and natural moments. Thanks to her talent at directing, caring, and engaging, we felt safe and taken care of throughout the whole session. We could not be happier.


"I was afraid that it would be awkward being photographed for our wedding, but with Victoria's energy and good instructions, the whole experience was merely fun! She was also very skilled in turning our own ideas into something even greater. 100/100!"


the world's our oyster

Are you dreaming of making your wedding to a magical gathering overseas with your loved ones? I photograph weddings in Oslo, Norway and Europe - I live and breathe destination weddings and love to travel to wherever my couples wish to tie the knot. That being said, I DO have some favorite spots on my bucket list... If your wedding is in one of the listed countries, I am happy to pay for travel fees.

 I'll be there to artfully document your magical day as the once-in-a-lifetime adventure it is! Feel free to get in touch with your destination wedding plans, and we can work out the finer details.

Shooting weddings near, far and everywhere

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